More than a block...
A neighbourhood...

Kingfisher Lakes has been fully masterplanned as Hervey Bay's outstanding environmentally friendly housing project; Building Covenants embrace innovative housing solutions, putting people first and encouraging climate-aware design choices.

  • Natural environment
  • Lakeside residential address
  • High quality housing
    design encouraged
  • Queensland outdoor living
  • Environmentally smart home design
  • Walking and cycling trails


A stunning grove of trees form the entrance to Kingfisher Lakes, Hervey Bay. This forest provides valuable recreational open space for this new housing neighbourhood as well as a sanctuary for the animal and bird habitat for the region.

This new Queensland land development - now for sale - has two lake systems as the centrepiece. The lakes have been engineered to comfortably accommodate the natural flows of the existing watercourse into which they are integrated.


Design ensures constant water movement through current and wind action. A number of native fish and bird species are thriving in the lake environment.

Lake edges feature maturing reed beds and local native trees, shrubs and groundcovers. Water quality monitoring is undertaken regularly to ensure a healthy eco-system.

A pedestrian pathway follows the roads and reserve areas, and includes some parts of the lakes edges enhancing walking opportunities and lovely open spaces.




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